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The Marie Celestial

Moving Circus Performance

A large mechanical space galleon created from recycled objects which houses an ethereal physical theatre performance taking place throughout the vessel and the surrounding area.


A strange and otherworldly culture of people from a destroyed planet have awoken among us. They are trying to revive their broken, semi-sentient vessel, known as the Marie Celestial.

 Weaving amongst it's metallic rigging, the ships crew become one with the craft, performing a celestial aerial dance. Their attempts to breathe life into their starship leads to a launching of the vessel and an aerial performance onboard the ship as it gently moves off for a visually stunning, moving, circus performance.

Family Programming

For family events we have a full programme of activities and interactive performances incorporating boarding the ship. 

We tether our extraordinary galleon, hoist the rigging and invite audiences to take part in an intergalactic detective story.  Our strange and otherworldly inhabitants are lost in space and looking for a safe place to call home. They have travelled so far and so long, encountering all sorts of mysterious perils and now they have arrived here.

Audiences will encounter adventurous stories enacted by a curious crew member, who insists she is the Captain’s Log.

The cabin is full of curiosities and children are invited to sit in the captain’s chair and fire the flame jets.

To Book shows, Request tour packs or prices please contact us here;

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