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2 sisters are travelling the world with their wagon. They are charged with the task of collecting and sharing all the stories in existence,  learn about their adventures and the exciting stories they have found.  

The 25 min show comprises of both interactive theatre and story telling. The stories told are woven into the show and are versions of folktales from around the world. The show deals with the topics of migration and the refugee crisis in a format suitable for a young audience. 

The Wagon itself works as an installation piece for young people and is set up a week before the show to encourage play and engagement with the topic of travel and migration. 


The show is particularly aimed at unusual spaces and is suitable for installation in Libraries, Theatre  foyers, outdoor events or any other pop-up spaces.


"A truly inclusive, exciting, and creative experience for children and adults alike!”


“Audience feedback has been fantastic, The show was appropriate for all ages and the performance was energetic and inclusive.  The set and props were truly inspired and sparked imagination.  Their use of space (in our cast, limited) was excellent; I’m so glad they were so flexible with our small space!”    Tara Lewis Library Manager Bishops Castle Shropshire 

The Wherever People

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