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The Lost Luggage

Ever wondered how you’d pack down all your worldly possessions if you needed to uproot your entire life suddenly?

Introducing the Lost Luggage, a mobile, semi sentient machine, a space refugee scouting vessel. On the look out for a safe harbour and constructed of the everyday belongings, hopes dreams and fears of its crew. 


Inhabited by 2 old homesick space dogs its mission is to explore our alien environment and interact with its inhabitants, seeking out a safe new planet to call home.

The Lost Luggage is an electric stegosaurus made out of lost luggage and household goods and he has curiously imbibed the attributes of those abandoned items. His crew are apparently resolute on returning the lost luggage to it’s rightful owners. Yet they are distracted by their compulsion to invite passers-by to pop-up parties, mistakenly hailing mobility scooters in the belief that they are a rescue vessel and hoping to receive roadside assistance, inciting children to perform their tricks and games and generally being hopelessly lost and haplessly discombobulated on our busy planet. 


Powered by solar energy and created from recycled materials it conveys a message of sustainability, reusing fragile resources and the very human problems of dispossession. 


Developed and constructed in spring 2017 with help from Arts Council England. 

Night Time Illuminations 

We light up! We are a dinosaur-shaped carriage of dreams for those imaginary adventures that only take place after bedtime! We are all bed knobs and fairy lights, which makes us perfect for illumination and evening parade events. 

The pilots transport a precious cargo of glowing dinosaur eggs, which can be carried aloft by parade participants. An onboard sound system is available by request. 

To Book shows, Request tour packs or prices please contact us here;

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